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Today, we’re going to be discovering this 2020 KZ Connect 261 RL Rear Living Travel Trailer.

This all-new Travel Trailer by KZ RV has a smooth fiberglass exterior, which has been vacuum bonded to a lightweight aluminum frame, and features marine-grade tongue and groove plywood in your floors and roof decking.

Today we’re heading to some place relaxing, with lots of wildlife, away from everything.

Work has been so stressful lately, and I’m ready for an escape. Some place relaxing, with waterfalls maybe, and lots of wildlife, some place away from everything. This new camper is the antidote I’ve been searching for, to help relieve my tensions and worries. I’ve decided I’m taking our dog along with us, she loves to get outside and play Frisbee and I know a place near the lake, that will be perfect for her and I to stretch her legs.

My wife really loves our new camper and this new layout feels roomy and comfortable to both of us, and for Daisy.

We all love escaping into nature. But we also love having the comforts of home along with us. We have plenty of room for Daisy and for guests, with this new layout. We love all the ample sunlight and windows. This extra large wrap-around dinette booth transforms into a very large comfortable bed, with a fantastic view, for ourselves or for our guests.

We finally have room under our sink, to store a kitchen waste can. And Daisy loves the quick access to the storage bins under our dinette booths, where I keep her favorite Frisbee.

Seeing the plywood construction throughout our KZ Connect, is re-assuring, knowing our Camper is going to hold up better over time. We have discovered that not all of the RV’s on the Market today, are this well constructed for the cost, or well thought out.

This evening, as the sun is setting, we’re BBQ-ing chicken outdoors. Inside, we appreciate all the extra counter space we have to prepare our favorite fruits and veggies. This KZ Connect even holds all of the extra things my wife likes to have with us. We always play our favorite music inside and out during dinner and I look forward to desert and relaxing in our recliners.

Our seamless one-piece counter tops are designed to last the test of time, and our residential stainless steel under-mounted sink is a pleasure to use, and feels just like home.

It’s convenient for us how the gas and electric refrigerator stays icy cold during our vacation stays, and it remains running as we’re traveling to our next destination, by switching automatically to propane when we disconnect from electric power.

The American made heavy-duty shower surround that features a 3 inch tucked lip, buttoned at the bottom, gives us peace of mind, knowing water will not be able to penetrate through that barrier and compromise the value of our Trailer.

When we get to the lake, it’s so relaxing, with no distractions and only the sounds of beautiful songbirds to listen to. Daisy wants to go exploring as soon as we get there. And when we return, I look forward to unwinding, after taking a hot shower in our oversized bathroom.


When we return inside, changing our outfits and cleaning up is a breeze, because of all the extra space we have, in our oversized bathroom. The layout is a vast improvement over our previous campers. The whole trailer seems to be, frustration free.

We have plenty of room now to get ready in the morning and change comfortably before we head back outside. And the entire bed and bath area becomes effortlessly separated from our living room.

One thing I enjoy is having the dual entrance on our Camper, because it allows me to wake up early and head down to the lake, without waking up anyone in the living room, when we have guests staying over. The full-length queen size mattress also feels like home. The KZ Connect provides ample storage throughout the Trailer, accommodating both of our traveling needs.

Overall the 2020 KZ Connect 261 RL we purchased from Tri City RV was the best decision for us, for a number of reasons, like the two-year warranty that’s included, the oversized platform solid steps the Equi-flex suspension for a smooth ride and the made in USA materials.  That’s not to mention this KZ includes a climate package, with heavy-duty foam insulation in your walls.

A fun fact about this 2020 KZ Connect, is the battery can remain charged up, using only the sun. It seems like the future finally is here. Now we can keep our lights, stereo, and usb port charging, by simply plugging in a portable solar panel that fits neatly our storage compartment.

For further details and to find out what it would cost you to own this Trailer today, please Text or Call our Sales Department and speak with a member of Our Highly Educated RV Sales Team at 989-671-9050.

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