You may have seen Tri City RV on WNEM News recently, or in person at The 39th Annual Birch Run RV & Camper Show. On top being well-known for their RV Service Center’s Outstanding Reputation, the family business is becoming the popular destination for Campers around Michigan.

Are you looking to purchase one of the Top Performing RVs in the Nation?

After finishing the past season strong, they’re now receiving recognition from the Top RV Manufacturer In The Nation, Cherokee RV. Tri City RV achieved the coveted Alpha Wolf Platinum-Level Award, along with Wolf Pack Gold-Level and Cherokee Gold-Level distinction. The Family has been receiving awards since only four years after starting the business, in 1999. Their Team continues to “Lead The Pack” in 2020.

Dozens Of New Customers Are Welcomed Into The Family

We are continually showing our gratitude to our growing customer Family, says Jeff. We want to show the public how we treat our new and existing customer base, he explains. Captain Jeff has been working in Customer Service for the company since 8 years old, and today he enjoys steering New Customers in the right direction.

Kicking things off in their usual style and providing a VIP Lounge for their Valued Customers, was no surprise.

Cherokee RV Manufacturing Representatives like George, Jeff, and Chris, enjoy working along side Dealerships that reflect their own Brand qualities and integrity. Top Manufacturers do not want to compromise their hard earned reputation partnering with anything less than the best in Michigan. Some RV Dealerships simply cannot provide the same level of RV Service.

Are you thinking about Upgrading to a Cherokee? Ever wonder how your RV Ranks compared to others?

As of November of 2019, the statistics show the Number One Retailing Brand in the Nation is Cherokee RV. Upholding an outstanding reputation in RV Service and Sales is pivotal, for a Dealer distributing the Top Retailing Product Lines.


Did you know that not all Forest River RV Brands are built the same?

Not all RV Manufacturing facilities are the same, nor is the way your RV is engineered and assembled. Cherokee RV and its other branded names like Grey Wolf, Wolf PupAlpha Wolf, Arctic Wolf, and Wolf Pack fall into the number one performing divisions amongst all the various Forest River Brands. Cherokee RV remains ahead of the competition by being pioneers in the Industry.

Meet Captain Jeff

This past weekend has been no different from the prior years, with 2020 Travel Trailers seeing exciting improvements and upgrades for the new season. The Show went better than planned, with a fantastic turnout, and the Dealership is excited to welcome all the dozens and dozens of new customers into the Family.

Jeff, pictured above is clutching all three awards and can’t help from showing some excitement for this year’s Camping Season. If there is one thing that makes the Family happy, it’s knowing all their hard work is paying off. A multitude of Five Star Reviews have been submitted on Facebook and Google, and speak volumes about the Overall Customer Experience.

You’re RV is only as good as the Dealership that stands behind it, even if you’re purchasing the Number One Brand in USA.

Not all dealerships perform the necessary level of service required prior to taking delivery of your new Camper. This is what creates a less than satisfied experience, when in fact the Dealership has not thoroughly inspected and addressed Factory Issues that RVs arrive with. Steer clear from Dealers that do not go above and beyond, and be sure to read their Dealership Reviews.

You should be happy to know you are “Leading The Pack” when you join the Tri City RV Family and take home your New Cherokee Travel Trailer, Arctic Wolf Fifth Wheel or Wolf Pack Toy Hauler.

What are the Customer Advantages of purchasing earlier in the year? 

  1. Right now, you’ll secure the best interest rates of the season! Interest rates are the lowest right now, due to competition created at the banks. Banks are fighting to secure all the New Sales from the Spring RV Shows.
  2. When you buy today, you’re not going to lose Equity in your trade. The Bluebook changes 3 times a year, and you are going to lose some equity in your Camper the next time it changes. And the same exact Camper you’re looking at today, will cost you more later in the season.
  3. We still have The Best of The Best. Right now, we have all the Hottest Selling Floorplans and they are not Outdated-Leftovers. This same model you’re looking at could sell out during our upcoming RV Shows, and it may take 8 weeks for another one to come in.
  4. The fact is, we all know the RV industry is booming right now, and I’m sure you know how hard it is, to get a reservation at the Best Campgrounds. Campgrounds open up their reservation process Jan 1st, so you’re getting a jump on planning your summer trips now by securing your Trailer and reserving the Best Campgrounds.

12-Volt or Dual Function Refrigerators? Don’t make this common mistake when shopping.

We order our units with a Dual Function RV Refrigerator. This allows for up to 21 days of operation without shore power. The advantages for dry camping are completely un-comparable, versus using the more commonly ordered cheaper 12-Volt Only refrigerator. Do not make the mistake, ask your Salesperson if your refrigerator is Dual Function.

Expressing Gratitude to Our Nation’s Heroes

Whether you are a Veteran, Military, Fire, Rescue, Police, or an Educator, you are a Hero in the Family’s eyes. Your Service to our Country does not go un-recognized at Tri City RV and the Family is proud to demonstrate their appreciation for all the brave people, helping to make America the Greatest Country in the World.

What Are People Are Saying About Tri City RV?

The Tri City RV Team is trustworthy, knowledgable and caring. They listen to your needs, make recommendations and give you a fair deal, says Rick, featured in the video above. If you’re in search of a New Camper, make sure you speak with the Staff at Tri City RV, the couple both recommends.

Excited for the next RV Show? Meet the Team March 12th-15th!

The next upcoming RV Show takes place in Port Huron Michigan at the Bluewater Convention Center, on Friday March 12th – Sunday the 15th, however everything that will be heading to the Show, can be seen in person beforehand at Tri City RV.

We recommend you secure one of these Top Performing Floorplans now, before they sell out!

If you are unable to attend the Port Huron Show, you will have another chance to meet their Team in Flint Michigan at the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center on Thursday March 19th – Sunday March 22nd.

Join the Tri City RV Family and Experience the Difference!

Isn’t it about time you Experience the Tri City RV Difference?

They Family welcomes you back, even if it’s been years since you’ve been to the Dealership. Whether you’re looking to Upgrade in Style or Downgrade in Size, you can rest assured afterward, you have found the Right Dealership, one to provide you with years of enjoyment and Top Quality RV Service.

Wolf Pack 365PACK16

Arctic Wolf Suite 3660

The Family would like to thank everyone who made it out to The 39th Annual Birch Run RV & Camper Show!

A thank you to everyone who purchased at the Show! Thank you to all the existing customers who made these awards possible! 

A special thanks to our Manufacturers, Shockley Productions, George and his Team at Expedition Services, and the Entire Staff at the Frankenmuth Credit Union Event Center.