Meet the Tri City RV Staff


Josh joined our team in 2017 as a part of our Marketing & Multimedia Department. “We have a great team here and we are all in it for the customers at the end of the day. It’s nice working with people who are passionate about what they do.” Josh’s favorite way to spend his free time is going fishing with his Dad. He also likes writing music, working with video, barbecuing, and learning about the world. “I’m always researching for the answers to questions I am pondering.”

One thing I love about camping and the RV industry is that camping is so relaxing and fun. Our industry is helping people everywhere take much-needed breaks.

The best meal I have ever eaten while camping was a tiny Cornish Game Hen. While I was on the lake fishing, it cooked slowly and smoked for hours all afternoon. I remember it had an entire bottle of Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper poured all over it before it was set over the embers.

My favorite place to go camping is at our family’s property. It is my favorite place to go camping because it is totally serene and peaceful. There are no other campsites but ours and I can go fishing on the lake. It falls in the middle of the Huron National Forest in Glennie, Michigan.

One thing that I love about America is that there is nothing you cannot achieve for your family when you put in hard work, dedication, and love.

I am grateful for my health, my home, my family, my country, and all of the people who helped me become the person I am today.

My pledge to the Tri City RV customers is to never leave anyone behind, to be honest, to be helpful, and to always put them first.