Meet the Tri City RV Staff


Myke worked in the RV industry for two years before joining our Service Department in 2018. He loves his job. “The people here are amazing. The knowledge I have gained since my first day is amazing.” In his free time, Myke enjoys time with family and working on projects such as adding a pond or bench to his landscape.

I love that this industry and most things about camping bring families together.

I love venison backstraps cooked over a coal style firepit.

I enjoy camping at River Ridge Family Campground in Breckinridge. It’s close to home. There’s lots of activities and a nice river to enjoy.

I love knowing that I can wake up in the morning and go to a job I like and then come home to my family. I appreciate that we’re able to do what we please.

I am grateful to have a fun and no-matter-what caring family.

On every repair, and in every interaction, I will treat your RV as if it was my own. I respect your hard-earned investment.