Meet the Tri City RV Staff

Ranger Tripp

Ranger Tripp officially joined our team in 2018, but the entire Tripp family has lived near the Tri City RV lot for generations. You’ve probably seen a few of his relatives trying to tag along on your camping trips. Ranger Tripp is the first in his family to formally join our team. He loves that a big part of his job is watching families make memories in their RVs.

I love keeping watch over your campsite after dark. Make sure you put your food away. I love to try and break into your snacks.

I love food, but I’m trying to diet. Please put your food away where it won’t tempt me to overeat.

I’m partial to sites near the water.

I love all the great camping spots in America.

I’m grateful that I get to be a part of the Tri City RV family.

I promise that the team at Tri City RV will do their best to make sure you have the right camper for your family and your vacation style.