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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty?

New RV warranties vary depending on the brand, most range from 1-2 years from purchase date. Extended RV services agreements are available after-market for additional coverage up to 5 years. Get a quote here.

What kind of maintenance?

The most important maintenance you can perform to your RV is roof, and side seam inspections every 90 days to prevent against any unwanted water intrusion. The second most important maintenance item is your axle, bearings, and tire maintenance. Third is lubrication of slides, awnings, and other lube-able items. Get a free maintenance eBook sent to you.

Do slide outs leak?

Slide outs are not designed to leak, however over time if you fail to maintain the sealants, and seals they can cause a problem. One of the best investments you can make if you own a camper with a slide is a deluxe slide out topper. Slide out toppers give you extra protection against mishaps that may happen with a slide out seal. Slide toppers also offer you protection against water, sticks, pinecones, and debris that may otherwise sit on top of your slide room. Get a slide topper quote.

What can my vehicle tow?

It is recommended you contact your tow vehicle manufacture, or a dealership that handles your brand tow vehicle and have them run your VIN number for tow ratings. Based off VIN number they will know what motor size, and rear end ratio you have in your vehicle so they can accurately give you max tow capacity. Once you have the max tow capacity you will want to stay between 500lbs-1000lbs below that rating depending on size of camper.

How much weight can my slide hold?

Although there is not an advertising weight limit on slide outs you should not exceed 1,500lbs.

Do I need braces under my slide outs?

Braces are not recommended by the manufacturers for slide outs, in some cases slide out braces can do more damage than good. Slide out braces have a chance of getting your slide out of alignment casing long term issues.

Does it hurt to leave the slides out?

We recommend for extended periods in between uses to bring the slide out in the in position. Slides have the best seal when in the in position, and it is good practice to exercise the slide out system in and out from time to time.

Is the A/C quiet?

Ducted air conditioners are quieter than a non-ducted system. We do have access to quieter ducted air systems if noise is an issue.

Do you finance?

Over 90% of our new and preowned RV sales are financed every year. We have some of the best rates available at terms that make camping affordable for everyone. We now offer financing for any service work or service-related items you may need to keep your rig in tip top shape. Get Free Pre-Approval

How long can I finance it for?

We can secure financing terms for 60-180 months in most cases. Term is most dependent on you and your good credit along with amount to be financing. Get Free Pre-Approval

Do we take trade ins?

Yes, we take trades of all kinds. Feel free to message us and we can help put a trade value on it.

What is a “re-seal”

Resealing your RV is the single most important maintenance item you need to keep on top of to protect your investment. Resealing refers to removal of old caulk, butyl tape, and debris and applying new caulk in seams, and transitions to help prevent water damage. We have all the supplies you will need to successfully reseal your entire camper and keep it solid. If for any reason you wish for one of our seal techs to perform the task for you feel free to message us for a quote.

How does the refrigerator work?

There are 3 main styles of RV refrigerators we see: 110volt only, 12 volts only, and Gas (LP)/Electric (110). Recently the RV industry has been moving to a non-gas 12volt only system that runs off your deep cycle battery. Ask a tech question.

What runs off the battery?

Every appliance uses some amount of 12 volt power besides your air conditioner, microwave, 110volt outlets, fireplaces, and electric side of water heater. Campers are designed to be able to operate most components without plugging into shore power. Ask a tech question.

Should I wax my camper?

Hand waxing is recommended if you did not get exterior protection applied when you purchased your RV.

Can I power wash my camper?

We only recommend hand scrubbing with a soft bristle brush, and soap approved for surfaces you are cleaning. We suggest using a PH balanced RV wash and wax for the exterior. For the roof we suggest a two-part system. Power washing your RV can create damage not only to stickers and decals, but the roof material used.

Do you have storage?

We have outside storage available at the best rate in town for the services we provide. No more taking your unit from storage to get maintenance, or repairs. If you store it with us, we can completely maintain your unit for you in between trips. Save time and save money! Message Us

How much is RV storage?

Bulk storage rates paid up front can get as low as $35.00 per month. Secure a spot.

How big are the tanks?

Most LP tanks run between 20lbs-30lbs, Black tanks 25–32 gallons, gray tanks 32-38 gallons, and Fresh 25-50gallons.

Are campers 30 or 50 AMP?

Campers are built with either 30 or 50 amps. The best way to know is to look at the outside of camper where the power cord attaches for the label. If the label is not present and plug end has three prongs its 30 amp if it has more than 3 its 50-amp service.

Reminder: 50 amp is 110 volts NOT 220. If you plug into 220 you will damage your electrical system and appliances plugged into it.

Can I camp in the winter?

Yes, you can camp in the winter! However, we recommend that you dry camp. Dry camping consists of not using water from the camper. Make sure you are fully winterized before the first frost of the year to prevent freezing up, and damaging water lines and fixtures. Be sure to remove an exterior ice machine and take inside if your unit has one.

Can you fill LP?

We fill LP here at the dealership. We have the cheapest propane prices in the area, and we only charge for what we put into it.

Do we service brands not sold at Tri City RV?

We service all makes and models no matter where it was purchased.

Do I need RV insurance?

If you have a loan on your camper, it is mandatory that you have a policy on it.

Do we accept Insurance work?

Our collision center is the premier RV insurance repair facility. We offer storm damage, collision repair, rodent, and theft repairs.

Do we rent campers?

We offer a statewide rental program that you can either haul yourself, or have our team deliver to your destination of choice. Contact our rental specialist for details.

Does Tri City RV deliver?

Yes, we have delivery available for both sales units, and service units if they fit the criteria that deem them roadworthy for travel. CTA: Message us for a quote

How is Tri City RV’s service department?

We have a highly qualified, and licensed service facility here at Tri City RV. We offer a dozen serviceable bays with some of the most state-of-the-art equipment to assure your repairs are done right, and in a timely manner. There is only one way to do something, and it is the right way, our goal is quality repairs and keeping to the timeline we proposed. Check our reviews.

Do we do warranty work?

We accept warranty repair work from all the major RV manufacturers like Heartland, Thor, Keystone, and Forest River. We also work with all the major RV extended warranty and extended service agreement companies nationwide.

Do we install FW hitches?

We install every type of hitching systems on the market including fifth wheel hitches, travel trailer hitches, tow bars, and vehicle receivers. Get Install Quote

Do we offer an extended warranty?

We offer a hand full of aftermarket coverage that will help protect your investment against any unwanted breakdowns, physical appearance deterioration, and road hazards. Get Coverage Quote

Do we have better mattresses?

If there is one thing you expect out of camping, it is a restful night’s sleep! If you choose to keep your mattress 100% stock, we cannot guarantee that. We offer a substantial upgrade to your current mattress at a very affordable price. We sell pallets of RV mattresses every year, which allows us to buy at the best deal possible to offer them at a great everyday price point. Get Mattress quote.

Do we have mobile service?

We do offer mobile repair in our non-red months. However, we do have a small network of mobile RV tech that we can help you source for your next lot repair. We would never recommend any mobile RV repair companies that have not proved to us they are worthy of our recommendation.

Do we have a dump station?

We have a dump station that is only approved to be used by one of our staff members here at the Dealership. If you need a dump, feel free to contact us and we can provide that service appointment for you. When we offer a dump, our team dumps your unit and then fills your unit back up, and dumps again to assure a semi full flush. If you are looking for a full flush and sanitize service feel free to message us for an appointment.

Why would I drive over 100 miles to purchase from Tri City RV?

Feel free to check our reviews online on Google, BBB, and Facebook. You will find there are many reasons why people drive past all the interstate dealers for 100’s of miles to do business with our family’s dealership. We let the people do the selling, we have plenty to do here keeping you on the road.

Who can service my new camper?

Any RV dealership can service your camper if it is outside of warranty period. Even if it is in the warranty period they can if they are a certified warranty repair facility for the brand you own. The biggest thing is to do your research on the company you are prospecting before you allow them to work on your RV. Just because a dealer is extremely large does not mean their service department has their stuff together. Get Repair Lead Time