Floor Plans

Floor Plans

For the ultimate in comfort choose a Tri-City RV Bath & 1/2 RVs. Most models of this type have a master bath located near the master bedroom and a smaller convience 1/2 bath located near the front of the RV.

We stock a large selection of bunk house travel trailers and bunk house fifth wheels at our Bay City RV Dealership. Bunkhouse campers account for over half of our current inventory making it easy to find just the “right bunkhouse camper” you’ve been dreaming of. What’s the difference between a bunk house and a bunk room? Bunk rooms are normally separated from the rest of the RV by a privacy door or curtain. Whereas the bunks in a bunkhouse camper are normally exposed to the living area of the RV. Our bunkhouse offerings include small bunkhouse campers, lightweight bunkhouse campers and larger ½ ton towable bunkhouse trailers. We also offer lightweight fifth wheel bunkhouse RV’s.

Searching for a bunk room travel trailer or a bunk room 5th wheel? At Tri City RV in Michigan we normally stock a large selection of bunk room campers. Bunk Room RV’s are a little different from traditional bunk houses. Bunk room RV’s usually will have a door or curtain which separates the bunk area portion of the RV from the kitchen/living area of the camper, and usually are found in RV lengths 30′ or longer. It is also common to find an additional slide out in the bunk room which dramatically increases not only sleeping area but also living area in the bunk room.

Front bedroom travel trailers and front bedroom fifth wheels are the most common bedroom arrangement in the industry. In a front bedroom RV, normally you will find one of 3 different RV floor plans: a rear kitchen camper, rear living camper or a rear bunkhouse or rear bunk room RV. Sometimes manufacturers will put your front bed on a slide out or provide a wardrobe slide out which allows for more clothing storage in the bedroom area.

Looking for an RV with a lot of kitchen counter space? Front Kitchen travel trailer floor plans provide an extra-large kitchen with ample counter space for all of your food preparation needs. Front kitchen campers will have the master bedroom in the rear of the camper with the bathroom also near the rear of the RV. We sell a very unique front kitchen travel trailer floor plan. Our “V-Nose RV floor plan” has an aerodynamic front cap which provides for easy towing and better fuel economy.

Hybrid travel trailers are great for large families with limited tow vehicles. Most hybrid camper floorplans are lighter weight than traditional travel trailers. However, pay attention to weights because there are a lot on the market today that don’t reflect that weight savings. One of the key features to a hybrid RV is that none of your bed space takes up your floor space, all bunk ends protrude outside of interior floor space.

Island kitchen travel trailer and Island kitchen fifth wheel floorplans have been gaining traction over the past 5 years. Usually, you will see an island kitchen camper floorplan when you have two slides that oppose one another. Island Kitchen RV’s offer you more prep space in the kitchen area and in most cases more organized storage for cookware.

Outside Kitchen travel trailers and outside kitchen 5th wheels are most commonly found in bunk room and bunk house models, but not always. The RV industry is coming out with more and more non-bunk house floor plans with outside kitchens. Outside kitchen campers are a great way to keep the mess outside and they allow you to stay in the action even when it’s time to cook dinner. Outside kitchen RV floorplans come in full outside kitchens and half outside kitchens, so you will have to decide what fits best for your needs.

The rear bathroom RV floor plan normally will provide the largest bathroom for your RV buck. Because of its location, rear bathroom camper floorplans are normally the largest bathrooms found in RVs. They usually consist of a large corner shower, toilet and vanity all in one location. Large closets and storage cabinets normally are common to rear bathroom RV’s as well.

Rear kitchen travel trailer floorplans and rear kitchen 5th wheel floorplans are great for the chef in the family. When kitchen is placed in the rear of the camper it makes the kitchen counter space out of this world. Most of our rear kitchen floorplans that are 27ft and larger will also include two nice easy chairs for relaxing at the end of the day. Larger rear kitchens are starting to take the place of the traditional rear lounge floorplans because manufacturers will still offer you two chairs but give you a better TV placement and bigger kitchen counter space.

Rear living room travel trailer floor plans and rear living room fifth wheel floor plans are great for adventurous couples. Rear living room campers normally feature a large rear window which allows for a lighter and brighter interior living space. Home theater seating or 2 separate Lazy Boy recliners are the norm in rear living campers which is why they are so popular. Many rear living RV’s also include opposing slide out rooms to maximize living space.

Rear ramp travel trailers and rear ramp fifth wheels are also known as toy haulers. These RV layouts provide ample space for a consumer to transport “toys” inside the RV but also provide very comfortable, accommodating living quarters as well. Toy haulers are commonly used to haul motor cycles, golf carts, utv’s, kayaks, and other camping equipment. Sales of Rear ramp toy haulers have steadily risen in the last decade due to their functionality. So if you are considering a Toy hauler RV, we invite you to browse our diverse selection. Dry weights range from 3000 lbs up to 13000.