Why wouldn’t you store RV with us?

While your vehicle is in storage at our site, we can perform all your RV maintenance and repairs. That saves you an extra trip to our service center. Our dealership in Central Michigan is conveniently located near popular vacation spots and major highways such as I-75, US-10, M-25, M-84, and US-23. Leaving your vehicle at our site saves you gas and time since you don’t have to haul your vehicle home at the end of each trip. If it’s at our site, you also can enjoy more room in your yard or driveway.

Tri City RV offer outside camper storage, motorhome storage, boat storage, and trailer storage. We offer daily, short-term, and long-term RV storage options.

RV Storage Rates/Terms

Daily RV Storage

$25 per day

Short-Term RV Storage

$294 for 6 months

Long-Term RV Storage

$528 for 12 months
$840 for 24 months