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Let’s face it, there have been RV shows cancelled across the Nation due to COVID-19. Nobody could’ve predicted it, not even a crystal ball.

The RV industry will continue to be in high demand due to affordability and safety. The Tri City RV crystal ball is telling us that the weather is only going to get colder and snowier up until spring.

With RV shows continuing to be cancelled, there will be no opportunity to get the “real feel” with your future RV without fighting the outdoor elements of the upcoming months.

What if we told you that you can shop our new RV show models earlier than ever before while the weather is still tolerable? The time is now! We’re offering NO payments for up to 6 months and a postponed warranty period that starts in spring 2021. This offer will only last until December 20.

Not only have we secured special approval from manufacturers to reveal RV show models early, but we will have all of the Nation’s top selling floorplans in stock for a “real feel” private showing.

Say no to virtual RV shows and come shop a Mom and Pop. With us, you’ll save up to 32% off, have no payments for up to 6 months and you’ll secure an ultra-low interest rate.

Call or Text 989.671.9050 or email us to schedule a private showing.