Meet the Tri City RV Staff


Jon has been part of our team for nearly 25 years. He’s worked in every department and loves that no matter what job he’s doing, he’s always focused on directly helping customers meet their goals. Jon is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys deer hunting as well as fresh and saltwater fishing. He also plays sports with his children and enjoys taking his family camping in all different climates.

I love meeting new people on different journeys and seeking different destinations.

I really enjoy making Pizza Pudgy Pies over the fire.

I enjoy camping in Caseville, Old Orchard, and Sugarloaf. Each of those parks is influenced by water, which I am extremely attracted to. I love all kinds of fishing and sports on the water.

I love the right to be free and that anyone can control their own destiny in the U.S.A.

I am grateful for a loving family, followed by a list of great accomplishments I have been able to achieve. Everything I’ve accomplished has been with great backing and support from others including my employees.

I pledge to my customers to make them happy. My ultimate goal is for a new customer to do business with Tri City RV and never have to go to any other RV establishment for their needs again.