Meet the Tri City RV Staff


Max joined our Parts/Service Department in 2017 after graduating from Grand Valley State University where he studied Medieval History and Archaeology. Max enjoys that his job challenges him to constantly learn about everything from parts and accessories to camper maintenance to service processes. In his free time, he creates art, hikes in the local state park, plays Dungeons & Dragons, and runs a blog. He also is starting a small organization in his spiritual community and enrolled in distance learning courses in the same spiritual community.

I love being in touch with nature. The best thing about camping is re-connecting with the wilderness, our friends, and family, and ourselves without the distractions of our day-to-day lives. There’s nothing better than stargazing and storytelling around a fire with the forest around you.

My family has a tradition of putting any leftover meat from meals into a chili while we’re camping; so any burger, chicken, sausage, etc., gets cooked into a crock of chili. It sounds really weird, but on cool nights especially it’s the perfect dinner – and it limits food waste while camping.

My favorite place to camp is the state forest campground in Ossineke, Michigan. It’s where we camped most often when I was a kid, so I’ve got a lot of memories there. It’s also a more rural campground, which is my favorite because you’re more in touch with the forest. I also really love the beach there, being able to wade farther out into the water and enjoy the stunning view of the moon on clear nights.

I love the vastness of this country and the variety of different natural places one can explore here: canyons, lush forests, tropics, extreme cold, huge open plains. It’s also full of a never-ending variety of people. I think variety is one of the best things about the states.

I’m grateful for the stars on an icy night, good music, bonfires with good company, and my ability to create. I’m grateful for all those moments in life that leave you in total awe of the world and make you think not about the past or worry about the future, but really be present in the here and now and how awesome life can be.

I pledge to be a friendly and welcoming face and helping hand to our customers. I’m still learning when it comes to some of the more technical things, but I’ll do my best to make sure you find what you need to keep camping.